Horim – Rose Night

Horim - Rose Night

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Just in time for Christmas, R&B/soul singer Horim has released the slow jam ‘Rose Night‘.

Slow Jam’s ‘다가와’, Taeyang’s ‘Baby I’m Sorry’, and 40’s ‘Bravo’: sexual slow jams loved by couples. Singer Horim, who recently released the blues album ‘Ma Blu Day’, has now come out with a new single that will join the ranks of these slow jam hit songs.

This single is a continuation of the singer’s previous single ‘ TEMP-TON‘ which was introduced via 88 Rising’s YouTube channel. Horim once again worked with neo soul singer ROSE, engineer Dr.6724, and artist Painterror. Together, they depict a scene of love between a man and a woman. The song is perfect for a romantic Christmas evening, which Koreans usually spend with their partner.

You can listen to the song on YouTube (below), the video includes a few animations.

Note: The bridge (in the latter half of the song) is not suited for minors.

‘Rose Night’ Credits
Produced by ‘Rose’
Composed by ‘Rose’, Horim
Arranged by ‘Rose’
Lyrics written by ‘Horim’
Guitar by ‘Patrick Cho’
Recorded at 6724 Lab
Mixed by Dr.6724
Additionally mixed & mastered at Boost Knob
Artwork by ‘Painterror’

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