Crown J – Don’t You Worry

Crown J - Don’t You Worry

Crown J – Don’t You Worry Mp3 Download

Rapper Crown J has a Christmas present for all the ladies out there: the sexy R&B track ‘Don’t You Worry‘. You can listen to it on YouTube!

Since a young age, Crown Jhas been listening to R&B artists like Luther Vandross, R.Kelly, Usher, and Jagged Edge, receiving their influence. He demonstrated his love for the genre with ‘Raspberry’ off his first LP, or ‘Talk to me’ and ‘One More Time’ off his second LP. About ten years later he is releasing a new R&B track!

The rapper describes the song as “baby-making music.” Instead of tough South hiphop, Crown J surprises with his soft side. The heavy 808 beat was co-produced by Flyboy Entertainment’s producer 100. Check out the official audio bellow!

‘Don’t You Worry’ Credits
Lyrics by ‘CROWN J’
Composed and arranged by ‘100, CROWN J’
Artwork by ‘LUM’

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