Despite 4Men changing members a few times, their music is always awesome. With their release of their new mini album, I can’t not listen to it.


Company: 와이후엔터프라이즈

Daum fan cafe: cafe.daum.net/4men


영재 (Young Jae)
Full name: 김영재 (Kim Young Jae)
Born: July 23, 1983
Physique: 176cm, 69kg
Education: Cheonan High School
Career: Dance team “Gorilla” B-boy and instructor
Cyworld: http://www.cyworld.com/y0ungja2

신용재 (Shin Yong Jae)
Born: November 1, 1989
Physique: 176cm, 72kg
Education: Practical Arts, Music; University of Seoul
Debut: 2008 4Men [EP Album “First Kiss”]
Career: Group “Rejoice” vocalist
Cyworld: http://www.cyworld.com/62378701

김원주 (Kim Won Joo)
Born: July 29, 1987
Physique: 178cm, 64kg
Education: Mechanical Engineering at Inha Univesrity (Absence)
Debut: 2008 4Men [EP Album “First Kiss”]
Cyworld: http://www.cyworld.com/herowj

Ex members:

J1, Force (second withdrawal)
Yoo Min Soo (VIBE) (first withdrawal)


1집 Four Men

Released 02.01.1998

1. Good-Bye
2. 나보다 더 나를 사랑한
3. 나만의 너
4. Re-Turn
5. 첫사랑
6. 그녀의 약속
7. Always
8. 기다려줘!
9. 너를 다시 보내며

2집 이렇게 천일동안 모으면 이별이 사라진다고 했다
Released 12.28.2000

1. 이렇게 천일동안 모으면 이별이 사라진다고 했다
2. 꽃잎
3. Sad Song
4. Changing Partner
5. 축복
6. 초대받지 못한나
7. 가니 오니 가니
9. 내가 행복할 수 있는 이유
10. Changing Partner (Remix Version)

3집 Andante
Released 03.06.2006

1. To MJ
2. 고백 – Produced By Vibe 윤민수|WATCH
3. 사랑한만큼
4. Why – 모르겠니
5. 눈물
6. 다시 사랑할수 있을까(Feat. Soulciety 박정은)
7. 3년후에야
8. Like A
9. Wish – 소망
10. 연인
11. Pain
12. 금지된 연인
13. Good Bye
14. 다시 사랑할수 있을까 (Bonus Track)
15. 고백 (MR)
16. 사랑한 만큼 (MR)

선물 (Digital Single)

Released 05.29.2007

1. 선물[Present] (4Men, Produced By 박선주)

2. 선물 – J1

3. 선물 (Inst.) (4Men Ver.)

4. 선물 (Inst.) (J1 Ver.)

멜로디 (Digital Single)

Released 01.14.2008

1. 멜로디 (Melody)

2. How Do You Keep The Music Playing

3. 멜로디 (Inst.)

4. How Do You Keep The Music Playing

First Kiss (EP)

Released 10.07.2008

1. This Is The FourMen

2. Baby Baby

3. First Love

4. First Kiss

5. Baby Baby (A Cappella)

6. First Kiss (A Cappella)

7. Baby Baby (Inst.)

8. First Kiss (Inst.)

9. This Is The FourMen (Inst.)

Voice Of Autumn

Release Date: 2009.11.03

01 Sweet Lady

02 똑똑똑

03 Everything

04 다시 사랑 할 수 있을까 (feat. Davichi)

05 Sweet Lady (MR)

06 똑똑똑 (MR)

07 Everything (MR)

08 다시 사랑 할 수 있을까 (MR)

*also song for various OSTs. Will find them soon*

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